About Us

The vision of a quick service cheesesteak restaurant at 695 North Broad St was first realized by the owners of the building, Glen and Nick Strafella in December 2011.  It was known that North Philadelphia needed a genuine cheesesteak restaurant and they believed Broad and Ridge would be the perfect location for it.  Over the next several months the partners dedicated their time to develop the idea.  The first step was to surround themselves with qualified people to make the restaurant a success.  Next would follow countless hours of creative meetings, operational meetings, taste tests and field tests.  The end result would be the first true north Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant concept, Jimmy G’s Steaks.

Jimmy G’s Steaks will focus 100% on the cheesesteak sandwich.  The partners are determined to finally bring the south philly cheesesteak sandwich north of city hall.  Jimmy G’s will buy their top rated beef straight from the butcher and slice it fresh in house.  We will serve the meat shaved, or chopped based on customer preference, on the freshest bread possible.  We will have the finest cheeses and toppings available.  All of that adds up to a cheesesteak experience that has no equal and the best part hasn’t even been mentioned.  Jimmy G’s Steaks, because of the commitment to just serve steaks, will be able to produce and serve a fresh sandwich in less than a minute from when it’s ordered.  You don’t believe us, come down to Broad and Ridge and find out.